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Tools I use

Front-end web technology moves very quickly, so it’s really important to stay updated when new tools, library or framework comes up and one of my preferred way to discover new things it’s reading about workflow of other programmers, I always ask myself: how he did it?

So, here are a list of tools that I use daily in my workflow, obviously I’m trying continuously new things, but this is the cream of the crop I like to share with you today:

Libraries and Plugins

  • Jquery, you already know
  • Lazyload, lazy load images
  • Fastclick,  eliminates the 300ms delay on touch devices
  • Fotorama, powerful jQuery gallery
  • LoadCSS, loads CSS asynchronously
  • Mmenu, jquery app look-alike menu

Debugging and testing




CSS & HTML5 Frameworks


If you want discover something else here is a huge (really huge) and complete list about frontend resources.

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  • I always love reading about tools other people use, so this is great!

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