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Mobile Scroll

MobileScroll is a lightweight plugin to create a super simple slider with no features. The aim of this slider is to create a slider with high performance so that it can be used on mobile devices and build rich pages.


Pages with tens of slider and hundreds of images can be too complex for a mobile device, especially if there is more than one plugin that act at the same time, and since the memory and CPU are not unlimited, in this circumstance could happen a browser crash. This little plugin takes advantage of native scrolling with overflow scroll property applied to the image container, realizing in fact a fake gallery that doesn't use any complex and super featured plugin.

NB: The plugin works also on the desktop, but I recommend the usage just on mobile while you can rely on another powerful plugin on the desktop.



	<link href="mobileScroll.css" rel="stylesheet">
							<script src="mobileScroll.js" ></script>


<div class="mobile-scroll">
	    <a href="#" class="arrow arrow-prev" data-arrow="prev">prev</a>
	    <a href="#" class="arrow arrow-next" data-arrow="next">next</a>

	    <div class="mobile-scroll-er">
	        <div class="mobile-scroll-wrap">    
	            <div class="mobile-scroll-item"><img alt="" src="images/image-0.jpg"></div>
	            <div class="mobile-scroll-item"><img alt="" src="images/image-1.jpg"></div>
	            <div class="mobile-scroll-item"><img alt="" src="images/image-2.jpg"></div>
	            <div class="mobile-scroll-item"><img alt="" src="images/image-3.jpg"></div>

Initialize plugin



	        glimpse:    0,
	        maxwidth:   768,
	        height:     400,
	        speed:      200
  • maxwidth
    Default: 768 - Max width of the slider. Is usefull set a maxwidth to avoid recalcs on tablet between portrait view and landscape view. 768px is iPad's width in portrait, this means that the slides have same size also in landscape view.

  • height
    Default: 400 - Height of the slider in pixels.

  • speed
    Default: 200 - Animation speed in milliseconds.

  • glimpse
    Default: 0 - Glimpse size of nearby frames in pixels.

Demo | (live in a new window)