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Hello world!

First of all sorry about my English. I’m an Italian frontend developer with some experience that I wish to share with people, because all my knowledge is due to some great person, and I would like to return the favor. Further information on who I am, what I do and how I do it, you can find it in About page.

In this blog I would like to talk on some good stuff I use in my daily development, like an open note written mainly for myself that could be useful for someone. I like experiment new technologies, mix stuff, in a really smart approach, sometime I produce good things :)

For this reason I want to write down some notes to keep in mind how reuse some peace of code every time I start to work on something, I will write on things I learn and things that are worth to learning, according my point of view, of a developer that have to deal with the real world, full of constraints (on infrastructure, performance, advertising, editorial, time).

Follow me @davidecalignano and stay updated on my next post. Enjoy the blog – Davide.

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