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Enginered – The best tech posts from the best tech companies

Today I would launch Enginered, a side project I built in the last two weeks.

It satisfy a personal need (and of some other geek like me) to discover news from the best engineers who built the web. I think that read about other developer’s experiences helps to lern a lot of cool thing, so I built Enginered to list, filter, discover and remain updated on the news from the best tech companies directly from their engineering blog.


A better developer

I always found news from engineering blog very interesting, its cover topics on real case study, on real infrastructures, with the same constraints that probably has my company, so it help me to understand how other developers solve problems and what they do to implement new features, handle issue, keep  to growing their business or use some winning workflow, this make me definitely a better developer and a better problem solver.

Stay tuned

The web app is still in beta, and you probably will find some bug, but I’m working on it and on a lot of cool stuff I have in mind, so follow @enginered_ on twitter to stay updated and help me to improve the list of blogs avaible on GitHub.

Enjoy the news with Enginered!



  • I’ve just stumbled upon your blog. Very nice and slick design. The bookmarks are beautifully designed as well. What kind of engine do you use for the website? I found your blog because of the medium like javasrcipt plugin you made )))

    • Thank you! It’s WordPress with a custom theme. I like simplicity ;)

  • Also, I’ve recently watched this talk about CSS Grids. Grids are amazing, didn’t know about them. I think this talk could relevant for the enginered website.

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