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Enginered – The best tech posts from the best tech companies

Today I would launch Enginered, a side project I built in the last two weeks. It satisfy a personal need (and of some other geek like me) to discover news from the best engineers who built the web. Because I think that read about other developer’s experiences helps to lern a lot of cool thing, so I built Enginered to list, filter, discover and remain updated on the news from the best tech companies directly from their engineering blog.

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Css trick to reproduce glimpse on native scroll

One of the way I used recently to encourage users to scroll divs on horizontal scroller on mobile is to show an incomplete view of what is after, that is what in general is called “glimpse”. This could be accomplish with javascript of course but in many cases javascript could be too excessive, so here a little css snippet that reproduce what I want in a single css line

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How I have solved an unpleasant crash on iPad.

Front-end development is becoming always more complex and build a web page isn’t just related to styling it, but we have to deal with performance, memory heap, reflow, networking, and also the simple and even more powerful CSS is not just a visual consequence of properties and values, but we have to think to it how a set of rules that have to be read and elaborated by different browsers so that each of those have a cost in terms of calculus computational and since the memory and the CPU are not unlimited disregard the complexity of code can cause serious damage. Here is my experience on how I solved an unpleasant crash on iPad.

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Lazy loading with responsive images and unknown height

I love asynchronous objects, they speed up page loading and limit the net usage as lazy loading images does, and this is a must especially on mobile.

But one of the problems I encountered using lazy load plugins is due to the required width and height you should set to each image to get the plugin to work properly, without these sizes, in fact, it could cause flashing on images causing an unpleasant effect and give the user the perception that the page is loaded more slowly.

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Tools I use

Front-end web technology moves very quickly, so it’s really important to stay updated when new tools, library or framework comes up and one of my preferred way to discover new things it’s reading about workflow of other programmers, I always ask myself: how he did it?

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Hello world!

First of all sorry about my English. I’m an Italian frontend developer with some experience that I wish to share with people, because all my knowledge is due to some great person, and I would like to return the favor. Further information on who I am, what I do and how I do it, you can find it in About page.

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